Commercial Cleaning Company to Focus on Cleaning and Disinfecting by Hand


Stratus Building Solutions, the nation’s leading green commercial cleaning company, is taking proactive measures to comply with the latest COVID-19 cleaning and disinfecting guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The CDC no longer recommends fogging, fumigation, and wide-area electrostatic spraying as a primary method of surface disinfection. It puts an emphasis on daily cleaning, especially of high-touch surfaces like doorknobs and elevator buttons, to sufficiently remove the virus and maintain a healthy facility.

Stratus Building Solutions will take this opportunity to pivot from its primary use of an electrostatic sprayer and will focus on meticulous cleaning and disinfecting by hand. Upon request, the electrostatic sprayer will be used with increased safety measures in place.

“We want our franchisees and our customers to know we are constantly listening to new guidance from the CDC,” said Stratus Building Solutions CEO Afshin Cangarlu. “These recent recommendations will allow us to return to the cleaning and disinfecting methods that have made us a trusted commercial cleaning company across the country.”

Stratus Building Solutions uses green clean chemicals, which are ideal for the cleaning the CDC now recommends daily for businesses not at a high-risk or with confirmed exposures. Stratus’ Green Clean products are non-toxic and are healthier for employees, customers, and cleaning staff. Customers will have the option to upgrade to hospital-grade chemicals for disinfection of high-touch areas.

“Our clients have always counted on us to use quality chemicals and provide a thorough service,” said Cangarlu. “We will continue to be diligent about following the CDC’s advice while supplying essential services to help keep people safe and healthy as they return to a more normal routine.”