Company Representatives were Requested as Experts to Educate Viewers on Flu Outbreak

Los Angeles, CA – (April 2, 2019)Stratus Building Solutions, the nation’s leading green commercial cleaning and janitorial services franchise, was featured by several local newscasts across the country as the leading voice helping employees “Fight the Office Flu.”

The 2018-2019 wrap around “Fight the Office Flu” campaign kicked off in October 2018 and positioned multiple Stratus Building Solutions’ Master Franchisees, regional directors, and other brand leaders as local cleaning experts. These Stratus representatives provided local viewers and readers with practical, actionable advice to help fight the most recent widespread flu outbreak.

In Phoenix, Regional Director Antonio Barron was featured as a local green cleaning expert for a major feature story with KNXV. He talked through Stratus’ Fight the Office Flu Kit and discussed some places around the office where germs may be lurking. “Believe it or not, when people are using pens interchangeably, they can spread germs and bacteria that way.”

Cody Millsap, VP of Franchise Development, shared his cleaning expertise with KMBC, the ABC station in Kansas City. Millsap warned local businesses that the spread of the flu poses a risk not only to employee health but to the company’s well-being as well. “There is an average of $7 billion in lost workplace productivity from an absentee/sick day perspective. There is an average of 14 million sick days taken each cold and flu season.”

The next hit came from Asheville, North Carolina, where Western Carolina Facility Consultant Andrew Dennison appeared on WLOS. He provided tips for how office workers can stay healthy this flu season. He showcased Stratus Building Solutions’ innovative color-coding system, “We color code our microfiber cloths… to avoid cross-contamination. [For example,] red is only used in the restrooms, yellow is only used in the break room/ kitchen area.”

From there, the hits kept coming. Cincinnati-based Master Franchisee Mark Stocker spoke with the folks at WCPO, ABC 9 about the widespread nature of the flu. Stocker warned the local viewers in Cincinnati about high-risk areas in the office. “You need to be aware of touchpoints around the office… like doorknobs, door handles, the refrigerator handle, microwave handles – all those places where multiple people touch multiple times a day, the bacteria can sit there and spread germs.”

In Omaha, Jim Morrison, VP of National Sales Development, spoke with KPTM about the importance of regular cleanings in the workplace. “We don’t have control over the level of [cleanliness at] someone else’s home and therefore, what they bring in to work, so it’s important to take those extra steps to manage our own areas and responsibilities.”

Just before Halloween, Keith Robinson, Minneapolis’ Regional Director, appeared on WCCO in Minneapolis. Robinson walked viewers through Stratus’ Fight the Office Flu Kit. He discussed how employers could incorporate little ways to make the office safer and cleaner. “You can give away [hand sanitizers] as little appreciation gifts to employees… and don’t forget to change out the kitchen sponge at least once every other week.”

In November, WXYZ invited Jeff Kelosky, Stratus Building Solutions Master Franchisee in Detroit, to share his cleaning expertise. “Green-certified means we use non-toxic chemicals that are safe.” Kelosky also gave local viewers expert advice on how they can stay healthy as we head into the holiday season.

Gene Gerzsenyi, one of the newest Stratus Building Solutions Master Franchisees, started out the new year strong with an informative segment on WMAR in Baltimore. Gerzsenyi shared some of the ways that Stratus Building Solutions can keep offices clean during this year’s flu season. Gerzsenyi held up one of Stratus’ many flu-fighting tools, the UVC light, and explained, “It is 100 percent effective for killing the influenza virus, also E. coli and several other things.”

Next, local Stratus Office Manager, Eric Burcham stopped by WKRN in Nashville to discuss the locations in the office that carry the most germs. “Hot spots are the most-frequently touched areas in an office… the reason we call these hot points is because these are the most contaminated areas in an office.”

In Houston, KRIV featured Stratus Building Solutions Office Manager, Olga Gonzalez, in an informative flu prevention segment. Gonzalez urged viewers to take preventative measures to stop the spread of the flu, such as staying home if they are sick and that “the flu shot is always the best option.”

Wichita’s Stratus Building Solutions’ Master Franchisee, James Barfield talked with KWCH about how employees should clean their area daily. “Before you start your shift, go ahead and wipe down your keyboard and phone. It literally takes 120 seconds to do that. It will really help you out – this way you won’t be taking home germs that you picked up at the office.”

And last but not least, WPTV spoke with West Palm Beach Master Franchisee Jill Dawson about the Fight the Office Flu Kit and how employees can do small things to help stop the spread of germs. “I always tell people when you sneeze, do the vampire sneeze. That way you are sneezing into your arm and not blowing it all over the place.”

“I am incredibly proud of how each of these Stratus representatives conducted themselves in each TV segment,” Stratus Building Solutions’ CEO, Afshin Cangarlu. “Flu season can pose a real hazard to Americans across the country. I’m glad to see each of the Stratus commercial cleaning experts getting involved in their local community to share useful information that can help keep local office workers healthy.” He continued, “as the nation’s leading green commercial cleaning and janitorial services franchise, I’m proud of the work we as a company have done this flu season.”