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Doug Flaig, the CEO of Stratus Building Solutions, has recently contributed valuable insights to Facility Cleaning and Maintenance Magazine. His article, titled "Four Habits to Help Grow Your Commercial Cleaning Business," offers a comprehensive guide for business owners in the commercial cleaning industry.

In an industry that demands adaptability and strategic thinking, Doug Flaig's article stands out as a roadmap for success. Published on [Date] in Facility Cleaning and Maintenance Magazine, the piece addresses the challenges and opportunities faced by commercial cleaning business owners in today's dynamic market.

Flaig begins by highlighting the significance of cultivating habits that foster growth. Drawing from his extensive experience in leadership and the cleaning industry, he outlines four key habits that can make a substantial impact on the trajectory of a commercial cleaning business.

The first habit explores the importance of staying updated with industry trends and embracing innovation. Doug Flaig advocates for a forward-thinking approach that leverages technology and new cleaning methodologies to stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

The second habit focuses on client relationships and customer satisfaction. In the article, Flaig emphasizes the role of communication, reliability, and exceeding client expectations in building a strong and loyal customer base.

The third habit delves into workforce management and the critical role of a motivated and well-trained team in the success of a commercial cleaning business. Doug Flaig shares practical strategies for employee engagement and continuous improvement.

The final habit centers around financial acumen and strategic planning. Doug Flaig provides insights into budgeting, financial forecasting, and making informed investment decisions to ensure sustainable growth.

"Doug Flaig's article is a must-read for anyone navigating the challenges of running a successful commercial cleaning business. His expertise and practical advice offer a roadmap for growth in an ever-evolving industry," says Mike Millett, VP of Marketing.

Stratus Building Solutions encourages business owners in the commercial cleaning sector to explore Doug Flaig's article for actionable insights that can propel their enterprises to new heights.

Click the image below to view the article on page 26 in the actual magazine, or click here to view the online version.


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Doug Flaig, the president of Stratus Building Solutions, is a seasoned executive renowned for his leadership in franchising, telecommunications, and wireless infrastructure development. With a forward-thinking approach to complex challenges and a track record of executing strategic tactics to achieve key objectives, Doug is a trusted advisor and speaker in the business community. His commitment to servant leadership, collaboration, and clear metrics has been instrumental in driving the growth of numerous companies.


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