Rob Lancit on Meet the Zor Podcast

Choosing the Right Franchise with Rob Lancit

Rob Lancit, Vice President Franchise Development at Stratus Building Solutions, recently appeared as a guest on the popular podcast "Meet the Zor" to discuss the ins and outs of the franchising world. In this enlightening interview, Lancit offers practical insights and advice relevant to both aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners.

Hosted by Nick Powills, "Meet the Zor" is a podcast dedicated to exploring the realm of franchising, entrepreneurship, and business growth. In this episode, Lancit shares his extensive experience, shedding light on the opportunities and challenges that both franchisees and franchisors encounter in the world of franchising.

Listeners will gain valuable insights as Lancit discusses topics such as:

  • Franchise Selection: Lancit highlights the importance of choosing the right franchise opportunity and provides tips for effectively evaluating various options.
  • Franchise Operations: He explores the day-to-day operations of a cleaning franchise business and emphasizes the role of franchisors in supporting and guiding franchisees in a three-tier system.
  • Success Strategies: Listeners will benefit from Lancit's practical advice on building and growing a successful franchise business.
  • The Stratus Culture: Lancit expresses his genuine admiration for the company's leadership team, highlighting their dedication, integrity, and collaborative spirit in driving Stratus's success.

The podcast episode featuring Rob Lancit is available for viewing on YouTube, where viewers can access the interview and gain valuable insights from his experience and on the 1851Franchise website.

Rob Lancit's appearance on "Meet the Zor" reflects his status as a respected figure in the franchising industry, thanks to his extensive background and wealth of practical knowledge. With his years of hands-on experience, Lancit continues to be a valuable resource for individuals looking to navigate the complexities of franchising and entrepreneurial endeavors.

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