Getting back to business... safely

(NBC News) -- Stay at home orders are being lifted and companies are reopening across the country, but for many implementing social distancing guidelines and other safety measures means opening for business can't be 'business as usual'.

"Cleaning is now a necessity, disinfecting is now a necessity," says Thomas Henning of Stratus Building Solutions. 

Henning believes before a facility reopens, it needs to be empty.

"We recommend that the facility be vacant for 24 hours, and that we go in and do a deep clean of that and disinfecting," he says.

That disinfectant needs to be applied to everything.

Large facilities with lots of employees can also use technology to help monitor employees for any signs of illness.

"We monitor crowd levels, we eliminate physical touch points, and we help people on when and where to go to avoid crowds and practice effective physical distancing," says David Salazar of Andonix.  

Their "Safely Pass" app helps workers assess their health and risk factors before returning. They're then screened when they arrive at the workplace.