Cleveland disinfectant company targeting germs in hard-to-reach places in schools

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - It’s a way to make the back to school transition safer for students.

Timothy Tilton, from Stratus Building Solutions, is starting a massive disinfection plan called “Project Protection.”

“Schools they touch everything kids wander around more, so we have to be especially careful about doing sanitizing which we have special disinfectant EPA approved products that we use,” he said.

The video provided to 19 News shows a team hard at work using the Electrostatic sprayer disinfecting system which attacks germs in difficult to reach places.

“The experts in Cleveland say they’ve been extremely busy cleaning office spaces in the middle of the pandemic and they’ll use that same technique to make sure children are safe to go back to school.”

Project protection has 5 ways to disinfect schools.

This includes one-way wipe down, color coded cleaning, tech disinfect, and hand washing warnings.

“Well the response has always been very positive when we go and do a spray or any special impact type of cleaning. They can see the results they can smell the results. It looks good smells good,” Tilton said.

The company wants to make sure proper steps get taken before students begin walking the halls.

“It’s a natural transition we’ve already been doing schools this is just a natural thing we do anyway we’ve just stepped up some of the procedures to make it that much more viable and protective for the kids,” added Tilton.