By Holly Harrar

SALISBURY TWP., Pa. - Some companies are opting to have employees work from home while others ramp up cleaning procedures.

John Coleman, with Stratus Building Solutions, is having a hard time keeping up with inquiries.

The coronavirus is causing many to stay home and refrain from everyday duties. But for those who are still in the swing of things, it's important to do your part to stay healthy and germ-free.

Here at WFMZ, Coleman took the time to give us a few tips on best practices, focusing on what he calls hotspots and high-touch areas like keyboards.

"The biggest this is just, when you wipe, go one way. Don't go back the same way because what you're doing is putting the germs back," Coleman said.

Coleman says the same goes for other commonly used desk items, such as phones, the copier and break room appliances.

Coleman endorses the CDC's recommendation of washing your hands as the best defense against the spread of germs, but says on-the-go wipes and hand sanitizers are effective, also. When everyone leaves at night, you can leave the rest to them.

"Do we need to come in and clean every day? Probably not. But the more we clean at night, obviously, the cleaner it will be," Coleman said.