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Commercial Cleaning Franchise Opportunity in Nashville, TN

A commercial cleaning business can offer you a flexible solution when you want to earn extra income in Nashville, TN. Instead of starting from the ground up, you can become a franchisee with Stratus Building Solutions. We've built a reputable brand name for green cleaning services that will attract environmentally conscious clients.



Why a Stratus Franchise?

Stratus Building Solutions provides an environmentally friendly commercial cleaning experience driven by entrepreneurial, small business owners and regional support centers... Learn More.

Award Winning Opportunity

Stratus Building Solutions thrives as an innovative franchise company in the Commercial Cleaning Services Industry, gaining top recognition from Entrepreneur Magazine in 2016, 2017 and 2018... Learn More.

Statistic: Revenue of janitorial services in the United States from 2014 to 2019

Why Janitorial Services?

The Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Industry is one of the fastest growing service industries in the world today and is projected to continue to provide tremendous opportunity... Learn More.

janitorial service unit franchise opportunities

The Stratus Difference

Stratus Building Solutions offers a turn-key, janitorial service unit franchise opportunities... Learn more.

Success for Today and the Future

Success for Today and the Future

Stratus Building Solutions' Unit Franchise business model targets recurring revenue streams based on contracted services, assuring a consistent income for today and into the future... Learn More.


Stratus Green Clean services

At the Forefront

In an ever-increasing health and environmentally conscious consumer market, the demand for Stratus® Green Clean services puts it at the forefront of the commercial cleaning industry... Learn more.

Lowest Costs in the Industry

Our franchise opportunity within the janitorial service sector will give you an affordable way to realize your business aspirations. A down payment as low as $1,000 could enable you to launch a business within a profitable sector. You'll tap into a steady demand for cleaning at offices, retail stores, clinics, warehouses, religious centers, studios, and schools. This is a recession-proof industry because almost all buildings and businesses outsource cleaning. We'll support you with:

  • Business management training
  • Marketing materials and support
  • Convenient access to equipment and supplies

You'll be able to operate this mobile business from your own location. Storage space needed for the equipment and office cleaning supplies will be minimal.

Guaranteed Sales Accounts

We actively market the services of our regional owner-operators. We'll connect you with clients so that you'll rapidly gain experience and income. You'll have access to ongoing support from our regional office, and we'll train you in the green cleaning methods that we've developed. You'll be working with nontoxic supplies, and your clients will appreciate their reduced exposure to the harmful chemicals found in conventional products.

Whether you want to run a small business or grow into a large service provider in Nashville, we can offer you a business model that will fit your lifestyle goals. Your success is our only business, and we've already done the heavy lifting to create a profitable program for you to take advantage of. Find success with a turn-key business model from Stratus Building Solutions. To learn more about commercial cleaning, call us today.

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About Stratus

Stratus Building Solutions is an award-winning janitorial franchise opportunity, providing environmentally friendly commercial cleaning services driven by entrepreneurial, small business owners and regional support centers.

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