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Commercial Floor Cleaning in San Jose

No matter what your business does or who you serve, image is important. You must make the right impression on your clients and visitors, not to mention ensure your employees have a safe, tidy place to work. Stratus Building Solutions of San Jose franchisees we’re pleased to provide the floor care and maintenance your building needs. With our commercial floor cleaning in San Jose, you can rest assured that your flooring is always presentation-ready.

We work with all types of hard surfaces, as well as carpets. Give us a call today to discuss your property’s needs and schedule a visit from our professional cleaners. We work around your schedule and proudly provide both routine and one-time services.

Routine Cleaning for a Better Work Environment

Maintaining a sanitary workplace can be a time-consuming task, especially if you have a large property. Let Stratus franchisees handle the hard work; we ensure every square inch of your flooring is clear of dirt and looks great.

Our flooring cleaning services not only help you maintain your business’s appearance but also keep it hygienic. We use cleaning solutions that are safe for people but tough on germs to cut down on workplace illnesses. Since your flooring is among the largest surfaces in your business, it’s crucial to keep it as clean and germ-free as possible.

Finally, simple routine maintenance is often the best thing you can do to extend the lifetime of your floor. A small investment in cleaning could help you save hundreds of dollars over time--or even thousands. Learn more about our cleaning services and their benefits for your company by contacting us today.

Refresh Your Floors with Stripping and Waxing

As part of our commercial floor care services, we’re pleased to perform stripping, waxing, and finishing for hard surfaces. Hard surface floors are built to last, but they aren’t immune to daily wear and tear. Over time, all that foot traffic not only diminishes your floor’s appearance but also leaves it more vulnerable to further damage.

To refresh your floors, we first strip them using state-of-the-art equipment and chemicals that penetrate deep to remove the old finish. Once the floor is ready for recoating, we apply a polymer-based finish to shield the surface from grime, as well as wear and tear. Your flooring will look like new again, ready to impress your guests. For further details on waxing and our eco-friendly commercial cleaning,  talk to our helpful technicians today.

Contact us to schedule floor cleaning and maintenance for your building. We proudly serve business throughout San Jose, California, and the surrounding area.

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