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Eco-Friendly Green Commercial Cleaning Services in Reno, NV

As a business owner, you know it's crucial to maintain a clean and professional workplace by regularly removing dirt and dust. However, it's important that the cleanliness of the workspace doesn't compromise the health of your customers and employees. Stratus Building Solutions offers eco-friendly green commercial cleaning services in Reno, NV, prioritizing the health of everyone who enters your facility. We are proud to be a LEED-compliant green business that provides exceptional cleaning services to our clients.

Keeping your facility clean is one of the many responsibilities you face as a business owner, but you don't have to do it all yourself. Instead, rely on our specialists for quality green commercial cleaning services to ensure that your office remains clean and inviting without you having to get your hands dirty.


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Why You Should Hire a Green Commercial Cleaning Company

Offering high-quality cleaning services, our green cleaners are skilled at customizing their services to meet each client's specific needs. We recognize that each establishment is unique, just like their employees, and should be treated accordingly. While some clients may only need surface-level cleaning, others may require deep cleaning services to ensure their spaces are sanitized and ready for the workday. That's why our commercial cleaning company provides a wide range of cleaning services, including, but not limited to:

• Carpet cleaning
• Hard floor stripping and waxing
• Restroom Sanitation
• Pressure and Power Washing
• Window Cleaning

You can rely on our team of professionals to deliver the precise eco-friendly commercial cleaning solutions you need. We utilize our exclusive range of biodegradable, fragrance-free, non-toxic green commercial cleaning products in all our services. Our products are also VOC-free, so you and your occupants don't have to worry about potential allergic reactions, headaches, or respiratory issues that can result from using harsher cleaning chemicals.

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Backing Our Commerical Cleaning Work

With $2 million in general liability insurance coverage and a $50,000 janitorial bond, you won’t ever have to question the quality of work that we provide. Rest assured that our goal is to give you absolute peace of mind that your work will be completed to the best of our ability. When you request our commercial green cleaning services, we will ensure that you maintain an immaculate workspace that you can be proud of. No matter what the scope of your cleaning needs, you can always expect us to provide you with quality services that will serve your business, employees, and patrons well.

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