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Eco-Friendly Commercial Cleaning in Omaha, NE

Keep your business clean while helping the environment with the assistance of Stratus Building Solutions of Nebraska. We provide reliable services for eco-friendly commercial cleaning throughout Omaha, NE. Through these services, we aim to take care of your company’s cleaning needs while providing a safe and green workspace for your employees and customers.

Whether you have an office, a construction site, or a medical facility, our team provides the same high-quality, green cleaning to ensure your satisfaction. When combined with our customizable janitorial services our eco-friendly cleaning services are the perfect solution for your business.

Protect Your Customers with Commercial Green Cleaning

Cleaning products are one of the primary contributors to air quality problems in closed, indoor environments. Many commercial cleaning products give off volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which are known to cause respiratory issues, headaches and other health problems for your employees and clients. These adverse health effects should be taken into particular consideration when children and the elderly are involved in your business, such as a daycare or an assisted living facility.

It is for these reasons that we choose materials, processes, and equipment based on their environmental attributes. Other motivating factors as to why we believe in providing you with green office cleaning and janitorial services are:

  • Improving Employee Health and Safety
  • Complying with Government Regulations
  • Implementing Green Corporate Mandates
  • Improving Waste and Cost Reduction
  • Increasing Recycling
  • Enhancing Employee and Public Relations
  • Creating a Desire to Help the Environment

To learn more about the reasons that green cleaning helps protect your business, reach out to our office. Our team is always ready to answer your questions and provide you with any assistance you require.

Certified and Professional Team

At our company, all of our janitorial franchisees go through a rigorous training program to prepare them for our eco-friendly commercial cleaning.This gives you peace of mind that when our uniformed janitors come to clean your workplace, they have the knowledge needed to do it right.

Furthermore, by training all our staff on our Green Clean procedures, they are equipped to properly handle all of our cleaning products. This training also prepares them for proper handling of waste and recycling ensuring everything is taken care of correctly. Additionally, our staff has knowledge of safe disinfection techniques and will ensure that your workspace is free from germs and other harmful contaminants. 

Contact us when you are looking for an environmentally friendly cleaning solution for your company. We proudly serve Omaha, NE, and the surrounding areas.

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