Three Stratus Franchisees are Cleaning an Office Building. One is vacuuming the Carpet and Another One is Washing the Windows and the Last One is Holding an iPad.

Janitorial Franchise Opportunities in Omaha

Stratus Building Solutions has developed successful cleaning franchise opportunities in Nebraska that will empower you to take control of your financial future. By partnering with us to launch a commercial cleaning franchise in Nebraska, you'll be entering a growing business sector.


Recession-Proof Industry

The demand for janitorial services from business customers has historically been consistent and will continue to expand. As a franchisee, you'll be able to provide your clients with a cost-effective service that is essential to daily operations. You'll have access to a diverse base of commercial clients who need offices, medical clinics, warehouses, religious centers, schools, and retail shops cleaned. We'll connect you with sales accounts, and you'll be able to grow your business through client referrals as well.

You'll have the option of running your business as a part-time operation if you desire. Cleaning jobs often occur after hours, and this flexibility will allow you to keep your day job while you build an independent income on your own terms.



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Investment Levels

Individual Level$

  • Lowest Investment
  • Regional Based Support
  • Growth Opportunity
  • Owner-Operator Level
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Executive Level$$$

  • Largest Investment
  • Regional Based Support
  • Large Scale Venture
  • Management + Multiple Employees
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Stratus Franchising

As Low As $1,000 Down

We've created several levels of investment opportunities. All of them are quite affordable compared to starting other types of businesses. You won't need to invest in expensive commercial real estate to house your mobile office cleaning business because your equipment and supplies will fit right in a truck or van. Your service will stand out in the marketplace and attract clients because you'll distinguish yourself with:

  • Environmentally Friendly Green Cleaning
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment & Non-Toxic Cleaning Supplies
  • Corporate Branding


Getting Your Cleaning Franchise Started is Easy

Find success with a turnkey business model in the Omaha area from Stratus Building Solutions. We're committed to mentoring you so that you can enjoy success for today and in the future. We'll provide you with regionally based training and ongoing support.  To learn more about how a commercial cleaning business could protect you from the ups and downs of the job market, contact Stratus Building Solutions today.

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