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Five employees in an office wearing Santa hats and giving a cheers next to balloons that say 2022

Ring in 2022 with a Trusted Office Cleaning Company

While we love a great party, we are not proposing that you invite us to actually attend your New Year’s celebration. (Although you can hire us to do the cleanup!) What we really mean is that 2022 is a new year and that means new opportunities to revamp your business.
A photo of a conference room with large windows, a long table, and several rolling chairs.

Office Cleaning Services for Hybrid Work Schedules

This year has been hard for businesses. The pandemic has shifted everyone’s routine to work toward keeping the community, especially employees, safe from getting sick. With the launch of the vaccine, masking, and social distancing practices in mind, the latest in innovative work ideas comes the hybrid work schedule that many offices have adopted. Hybrid work schedules are a way of letting your employees join the workspace again in person, with a safe amount of people at a time, in addition to keeping everyone six feet apart.