Published January 4, 2022 10:23PM

With the contagious nature of the omicron variant, public health officials are detailing the best methods to stay safe at indoor gyms.

Experts said it's safest to work out in gyms where people are vaccinated and masked. However, gyms around the state have their own policies. 

The least risky area to exercise at a gym is considered to be the weight room because people can distance themselves. However, group classes like a spin class are considered to be high risk due to the inability to properly distance with fixed equipment. 

The area with treadmills is considered "moderate risk," according to some health officials. 

Eddy Perez, the regional director of Stratus Building Solutions, a company specializing in gym cleaning, also gave tips to FOX 11. 

"You just have to take precautions. If you're doing any of the floor exercises, bring your own floor mats. The floor mats are a magnet. It's one of the germiest items you can have. We recommend that they [gym-goers] wipe down the equipment before and after they use it just to be safe," he said.

Perez also recommended bringing a towel from home to cover handlebars, to avoid placing items on the floor and to stay away from tight spaces where people are gathered. 

"I would refrain from using the locker room for the next couple of months or so. Shower at home and don't use the sauna. Also, try not to touch your face. Try not to touch your nose, your mouth, your eyes because that's where the virus is going to attack you," said Perez. 

The co-owners of Real Fitness in Playa Del Rey, Lucho Franco and Peter Rizzardi, said they require masks at the gym and also keep the front and back doors open for ventilation. Their gym-goers also practice social distancing. 

"We make sure we have towels and sanitizer so we are spraying down, wiping down equipment so germs aren't spread between people during the workouts," said Rizzardi. 

The co-owners stress the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle during the pandemic too. 

"If you stay fit, stay healthy, have a healthy lifestyle then your chances of beating any type of illnesses or viruses is greater. We know that now so it's good to keep that message out there through our practices," said Franco.