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Episode 7: "Staying Relevant After the Emerging Brand Stage"

Tune in to the latest episode of the "Dear Frannie" podcast, where Stratus Building Solutions very own Mike Millett and Rob Lancit delve into what it really means to be labeled as the "fastest growing" franchise. Join host Katherine LeBlanc in an enlightening conversation exploring the dynamics of sustaining market position amidst stiff competition and revealing Stratus’ strategic franchising methods that have consistently earned them the title of the fastest growing franchise. This episode offers valuable insights and hot takes that will surely enrich your understanding of franchise growth and leadership.

Episode 8: How to Get Marketing & FranDev Aligned

In this episode of "Dear Frannie," Rob Lancit and Mike Millett dive into the crucial topic of aligning marketing and franchise development goals.  They explore the strategies and insights that bridge the gap between these two essential departments, creating a unified brand message. With Liane Caruso's invaluable insights, this episode is a masterclass on fostering collaboration and achieving cohesive growth. 

Dear Frannie is a podcast by Franchise Fractionals, connecting leading fractional leaders with brands. 


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barbara costanzo

Barbara Costanzo, Marketing Manager at Stratus Business Solutions is an experienced marketing expert and graphic designer with an expertise for brand social strategy. She crafts compelling marketing campaigns and dynamic visual content that enhances our brand presence. Barbara’s strategic approach and creative skills make her a key player in advancing Stratus's position as a leader in the commercial cleaning industry.