Even people who don’t get passionate about protecting the environment probably don’t want to breathe in toxic chemicals. Nobody would ever choose to work in an office with lead embedded in the paint on the walls, and nobody could elect to drink water from lead pipes. Consumers certainly never willingly purchase flooring tiles with substances that have been linked to asthma and birth defects.

In other words, if you can offer clients the reassurance that your business is environmentally friendly, and thus customer-friendly, your company will be rewarded.

Offering your customers and employees a clean environment is good for business but being clean in a safe and responsible manner is great for business. So, if you’re looking for ways to incorporate and promote green programs to solicit and keep clients, keep these strategies in mind.

Mention your green programs in your marketing.

While your green program may not be the first thing you mention, depending on what your company is promoting, it should be included in marketing materials. But for some businesses — especially any servicing vulnerable clients such as children, the elderly or pets — your marketing materials need to make it clear that you’re helping both the environment and your customers. If you donate part of your profits to environmental causes, you’ll want that to be somewhere in your marketing materials, too. If your company recycles, then share that somewhere, too. Not only will being loud and proud about your green initiatives help draw in new customers, but it can boost your brand reputation as well.

When you make the environment part of your pitch, you’re promoting your corporate values. You’re sending a message to customers and clients that you really do care about the environment and their well-being.

Tell your new clients about your green programs and remind your old ones.

We all bring in new clients and customers in different ways, and it isn’t always from marketing materials. This is especially important for in-person pitching. Make sure to include your green initiatives in your conversations.

For Stratus, it’s actually the first thing our franchise owners bring up when they talk to potential clients. We want clients to know that you can offer superior cleaning without subjecting people to dangerous, harsh chemicals. We explain that you don’t have to trade your long-term health for a short-term clean.

Walk the talk.

Don’t fall into the trap of suggesting that you are environmentally or eco-friendly if you’re not. There is actually a term for that — greenwashing — where you spin your business as being environmentally friendly when, really, all you’re doing is patting yourself on the back for not actively pouring chemicals into a river.

Clients and customers can sense when you’re just trying to look green but aren’t actually doing much for the environment. If they feel you’re stretching the truth about your eco-friendly methods, they may lose trust and faith in your entire business.