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In his Entrepreneur Magazine article, Rob Lancit, VP of Franchise Development at Stratus Building Solutions, explores the crucial steps to building an authentic green brand. He emphasizes that true sustainability goes beyond mere claims, requiring a deep commitment to integrating eco-friendly practices across all aspects of business operations.

Lancit highlights the importance of sourcing green products, collaborating with eco-conscious vendors, and avoiding the pitfalls of greenwashing. For a deeper understanding of these strategies and their benefits, be sure to read the full article.


 About The Author

barbara costanzo

Barbara Costanzo, Marketing Manager at Stratus Business Solutions is an experienced marketing expert and graphic designer with an expertise for brand social strategy. She crafts compelling marketing campaigns and dynamic visual content that enhances our brand presence. Barbara’s strategic approach and creative skills make her a key player in advancing Stratus's position as a leader in the commercial cleaning industry.