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Janitorial Cleaning Franchise Opportunities in Kansas

Find success through cleaning franchise opportunities in Kansas City, KS. Stratus Building Solutions offers a turnkey business model in the form of an industry-leading green commercial cleaning and janitorial franchise.


How It Works

We have 28 regional sales and support offices nationwide. Through these, we lend a hand to burgeoning businesspeople who want to invest in their futures. Your initial investment can be as low as $1,000 down. You can also choose to invest more thanks to our various levels of opportunity. The executive level, for example, requires an initial investment of $50,000. The prospect for growth is substantial. Through hard work and conscientious janitorial service, you can secure your success for today and the future as a franchisee.



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Investment Levels

Individual Level$

  • Lowest Investment
  • Regional Based Support
  • Growth Opportunity
  • Owner-Operator Level
  • Schedule Info Session

Executive Level$$$

  • Largest Investment
  • Regional Based Support
  • Large Scale Venture
  • Management + Multiple Employees
  • Schedule Info Session

Stratus Franchising

The Green Advantage

In addition to having the lowest costs in a recession-proof industry, we also stress the importance of taking care of the environment. We'll provide you with the most advanced office cleaning technology on the market, including microfiber cloths and mops, ultraviolet cleaning wands, and microfilter vacuums. We've earned Green Seal certification because we provide our franchisees with access to the latest biodegradable cleaners that also contain zero known carcinogens. In this way, we ensure that your customers won't just have better-looking businesses but also safer environments for customers and employees.


Getting Cleaning Franchise Started is Easy

Start your commercial cleaning franchise in Kansas City, KS, with the help of Stratus Building Solutions. We're eager to help you share in our success by becoming a franchisee. To take advantage of this affordable opportunity and build something you can be proud of, contact us today and experience the Stratus difference.

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