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Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Philadelphia, PA

Stratus Building Solutions is a full-service cleaning company that maintains sanitary work environments for commercial customers. When your office or facility is due for cost-effective deep-cleaning, give us a call. Our janitorial team comes to you to tend to all of your office’s surfaces, including the carpets. When it comes to commercial carpet cleaning in Philadelphia, PA, no one beats our thoroughness and attention to detail.

While carpeting offers many benefits for indoor spaces, it takes heavy abuse from foot traffic and spills. Without regular care, carpet fibers begin to host potentially harmful bacteria. Our cleaning services eliminate bacteria, soil, and stains for a healthier and more attractive office interior.

Keep Your Carpets Looking New for Longer

Flooring is an investment in your business, and you need a team of floor care specialists who allow you to get the most from that investment. When we clean your office, we not only disinfect your carpet, but by removing soils and debris from the fibers, we help to ensure that it lasts longer as well.

As your janitorial team, we keep your carpet looking its best for as long as possible. Reach out to us for a free estimate on our exceptional carpet cleaning services. While under regular contract, our janitors perform floor care daily to preserve the appearance of your office.

Commercial Floor Care You Can Count On

Our daily service consists of vacuuming, daily spot removal, and soil and stain repellent treatments. In addition to these routine steps, we periodically provide bonnet cleaning with a rotary floor machine and high-foaming carpet shampooing. These procedures ensure that soils are removed from the fibers and that the carpet has been properly disinfected.

If you have a carpeted area that requires more intensive attention, we offer restorative carpet cleaning as well. Exceptionally high-traffic carpets, or carpets that have not been properly cleaned in a while, will benefit from our extraction cleaning. We use hot water to force a non-foaming cleaner into the carpet, which we then immediately vacuum up. This technique is a highly effective treatment for deeply soiled areas. When necessary, we also apply odor counteractants and protective treatments.

Don’t let dirty carpets spoil the look of your office and possibly threaten the health of your team--turn to our highly trained janitors for exceptional commercial carpet cleaning in Philadelphia, PA.

Contact us to request our carpet cleaning services. Our janitors serve commercial customers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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