A Stratus Franchisee is Operating a Floor Cleaning Machine in a Commercial Office Building

Collage of 3 images; the first with Stratus franchisee dry mopping a wood floor, the second with a Stratus franchisee using a floor buffing machine, the third with a close up of a buffing machine, and a logo that states they use green seal certified products.

Commercial Floor Cleaning in Delaware

Keep your floors showroom-ready with the help of Stratus Building Solutions. Our professionals offer unparalleled commercial floor cleaning in Delaware, on your schedule. Put our green cleaning services to work for you and experience firsthand what we do to elevate the look, feel, and performance of your hard surface floors. 

Stratus Provides Routine Commercial Cleaning For All Flooring Types

Dirt, foot traffic, moisture, and daily wear and tear affect the floors in your workspace. Count on Stratus Building Solutions to deliver innovative cleaning solutions to every inch of your commercial space. Many modern floors make use of several thin coats of polymer or a wax finish that offer a glossy, reflective coat. We use the right equipment along with green cleaners to properly enhance and maintain this type of flooring with regular cleaning and buffing. Whether you’ve got solid hardwood, tile and grout surfaces, or vinyl flooring, we handle it all with skill and efficiency. Schedule a routine cleaning with our crew that fits your upkeep needs.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Allow our specialists to retouch the finish on your flooring. We use swift-acting chemicals designed for optimal hardwood floor stripping to remove your old floor coating thoroughly and safely. Afterward, we apply our professional-grade polymer finish to protect your floors from the effects of foot traffic, water, and other weathering elements

A protected surface isn’t the only thing you’ll get with our hardwood floor refinishing services. In addition to keeping what’s beneath the protective coating free from harm, our new coats will make your floors shine and add to the beauty of any space in your business. 

Dependable Green Cleaning Services

Receive top-notch green cleaning services from a LEED-compliant company. Stratus proudly uses our own line of Green Seal-certified products and techniques. These commercial floor cleaners deliver reliable, effective results without the presence of toxic chemicals, irritants, or VOCs. Furthermore, we employ green techniques designed to decrease your carbon footprint and increase the efficiency of our services. 

Delivering Effective Commercial Floor Cleaning Every Time

Your Stratus professionals care about providing the right treatment to your floors. By choosing our commercial floor cleaning services, your premises always look their best to help your business run smoothly.

Opting for professional hard floor cleaning services from Stratus means you’re choosing a team with the knowledge and experience to achieve ideal results every time. Our commercial cleaning crew applies the right tools, techniques, and technology to every situation. This way, we adapt to the material differences of your flooring and establish the proper regimen that’s the perfect balance of efficiency and thoroughness. We also limit our use of pressure cleaning, which damages floor coatings, strips paint, or loosens grout with overuse. Instead, we take advantage of the industry's best equipment to wash, scrub, and dry your floors as needed. 

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