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Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Delaware

Tired of struggling with your business’s carpeting? It never seems to stay clean, and it’s easy to see why: every day, your clients and employees inadvertently track dirt and dust inside. What if there was a simpler way to keep all that carpeting clean without giving up your free time, or shelling out for new flooring materials?

Discover the difference Stratus Building Solutions can make in your approach to commercial cleaning. Over the course of 15 years, our hardworking staff has helped our cleaning company become an industry leader. We provide a large range of environmentally-friendly cleaning and janitorial services, and we specialize in commercial carpet cleaning in Delmarva, DE, as well as entire state of Delaware, Virginia, Maryland, and southern New Jersey.

Interested in learning what our cleaning crew can do for your business? Reach out today to request a quote. It’s the best way to glean insight into your service options in the context of your flooring maintenance budget.

Carpet Maintenance Contracts

Ensure your carpets stay cleaner longer with a personalized maintenance contract from Stratus Building Solutions. We’ll stop by every day to perform the following professional floor cleaning services:

  • Sweeping
  • Soil & Stain Repellant Treatments
  • High Traffic Area Vacuuming
  • Spot Removal

Periodic Carpet Services

Light daily cleaning isn’t enough to keep your floors in good condition. For best results, schedule our deep cleaning services periodically:

Bonnet Cleaning: Our staff uses a rotary floor machine, yarn bonnet, and cleaning solution to loosen soil on the upper carpet fibers, making deep cleaning easier.

Carpet Shampooing: Shampoo equipment combines agitation with a high foaming cleaner. This process loosens and suspends soils for easy dry vacuuming later on.

Aggressive Office Cleaning Solutions

When an area of carpeting in your business is looking worse for wear, don’t replace it just yet. Let our cleaning team come and work their magic. Our restorative cleaning services may be what your carpet needs to look and perform as it used to.

Extraction Cleaning: Using hot water, we force non-foaming cleaners into the carpet before immediately utilizing a powerful vacuum.

Special Treatments: Additional services are available for your commercial carpets, including odor counteractants, protective treatments, and other specialized applications.

Contact us today to schedule your commercial carpet cleaning appointment. From our headquarters in Delmarva, DE, we serve the entire state of Delaware, Virginia, Maryland, and southern New Jersey

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