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Professional Hard Floor Cleaning Services in Fairfield, NJ

When your business needs innovative cleaning solutions for hard floors, call Stratus Building Solutions of Northern New Jersey [link to Home]. We offer full-service support for everything from basic maintenance to complete refinishing. Whether your facilities have difficulty grout surfaces or need a fresh coat of wax, you can count on us any time you need professional hard floor cleaning services in Fairfield, NJ.

Since your surfaces need to stand up to constant pressure from traffic, dirt, moisture, and more, choosing an experienced team is a crucial first step to taking care of your flooring investment. Most modern floors utilize several thin coats of polymer or wax finish, providing a glossy, reflective coating that can be enhanced or restored with mechanical buffing. We have the equipment to keep that coating looking and performing its best with appointments that fit with your needs and schedule. 

Quality Stripping and Wax / Finishing

When your finish needs refreshing, we have you covered. Our team uses fast-acting chemicals designed for optimized hardwood floor stripping to fully and safely loosen your old coating for removal. Then, we apply our professional-grade polymer finish to safeguard your floors against traffic, water, and more.

We don’t just leave you with a protected surface, however. In addition to keeping the materials beneath out of harm’s way, our new coats make your floors shine and add to the beauty of any space in your business. That’s a detail that matters, because every sign of dedication and quality allows you to project reliability and class to prospective customers, current employees, and anyone you collaborate with.

Comprehensive Commercial Floor Cleaning

By choosing us for regular cleaning and maintenance, you ensure that your premises always look their best and contribute to the smooth operation of your business. Plus, more frequent service means less maintenance trouble--a recently-cleaned floor is much less difficult to touch up than a wrecked surface.

Most importantly, opting for a professional company gives you the expertise you need to get ideal results every time. Applying the right tools, techniques, and technology to every situation, we adapt to differences in wear from traffic, moisture, and more so that our commercial floor cleaning experts always balance efficiency and thoroughness.

Unlike many other cleaners, we also limit our use of pressure cleaning, which can damage floor coatings, strip paint, or loosen grout. Instead, we utilize the industry's best equipment with unique wash, scrub, and dry technology that uses 90% less water and detergents than traditional cleaning methods. See how effective our approach is by scheduling your first appointment today.

Contact us for top-notch floor cleaning from our team of committed professionals. We proudly serve Fairfield, NJ, and the surrounding areas.