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A Dedication to Excellent Green Office Cleaning

We want our customers to feel comfortable and safe while having us work on their properties. That's why our franchisees’ team is made up of professional janitorial cleaners who undergo extensive training. You can rely on them to arrive in uniform with photo identification and work meticulously from start to finish.

Stratus Building Solutions franchisees provides businesses like yours with the most comprehensive green cleaning options in the industry. We'll be happy to offer you a free, no-obligation price quote so that you can learn more about our commercial janitorial services in Fairfield, NJ. 

Call us today. As a mobile company, we travel to clients throughout the Fairfield area.

With Stratus Building Solutions of Northern New Jersey, maintaining a clean and healthy business environment is simple and stress-free. Our company facilitates eco-friendly commercial cleaning in Fairfield, NJ. Thanks to our experienced cleaning professionals and commitment to using Green cleaning methods and materials, you can rest easy knowing we are covering all of your janitorial needs.

Green cleaning services ensure your facilities remain neat and orderly, while also protecting the health and wellbeing of your employees and clients. We are dedicated to helping people live better. Therefore, we have worked hard to implement, and improve upon, our Green cleaning methods. These eco-friendly and sustainable measures come standard with all of our janitorial service contracts. By hiring us, you will maintain a clean workplace, while allowing your employees to breathe easier and live better.

Cleaning Services with the Eco-Friendly Advantage

Our commercial Green cleaning services are LEED-compliant, which means we utilize procedures that emphasize waste and emission reduction. From our cleaning methods to the materials and tools we use, our company makes sure we provide complete and thorough service that is also friendlier to the environment.

Cleaning services that are easier on the environment are better for people, too. For instance, many conventional cleaning solutions incorporate Volatile Organic Compounds, also known as VOCs. These chemicals can irritate people’s respiratory systems and cause headaches, and in extreme cases can adversely affect health. These considerations are especially important if your facility serves children, young adults or the elderly.

In response to the threat that VOCs entail, all of the equipment, materials, and procedures we use are specially geared towards protecting people and the environment. Our Green office cleaning services also emphasize:

  • Employee Health and Safety
  • Waste Reduction
  • Local, State, and Corporate Guidelines
  • Was and Cost Reduction
  • Employee and Public Relations
  • Environmental Protection

Trusted Team, Responsible Methods, Safe Materials

Our company is a leader in sustainability. When you hire our team, you can expect quality service that leads to the right results. We are Green Seal-certified, meaning we utilize cleaning chemical and materials that are:

  • Non-Toxic
  • Biodegradable
  • VOC-Free
  • Fragrance-Free
  • Contain No Known Carcinogens

Breathe easier and be more productive. Complementing our Green Seal chemicals is the use of environmentally responsible cleaning tools. These include microfiber cleaning cloths and mops, which eliminate dust, dirt, and bacteria. We also utilize HEPA vacuums that are equipped with a four-stage air filter. These vacuums remove hair, pollen, allergens, mold, and other airborne irritants.

At the heart of our eco-friendly commercial cleaning services is our skilled and experienced janitorial team. Each member is thoroughly trained in Green cleaning methods. We uphold high standards of cleaning care, and we adapt to your specific situation to keep your facilities neat, tidy, and safe.

With our industry-leading methods and a commitment to your satisfaction, our company provides the resources and assistance you need to work in a healthy environment. Our wide array of commercial cleaning services is available on a routine, contract basis. Request a consultation and create a plan that best meets your needs.

Contact us to learn more about our Green cleaning services. We are based in Fairfield, NJ, and serve Northern New Jersey.

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