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How you have your property cleaned is just as important as it is to clean it. Harsh, toxic chemicals might alleviate the grime and dirt around your office, but it can still create a hazardous environment for you, your employees, your customers, and your surroundings. The smart decision is to take advantage of eco-friendly commercial cleaning in Houston, TX, from our company. Our commercial green cleaning services not only leave your property looking great, but also help you to avoid issues with toxic cleaners.

Stratus Building Solutions offers our distinctive Stratus Green Clean program with all of our janitorial service contracts at no additional cost to you. Since 2009, our cleaning company has been offering this forward-thinking benefit to all of our clients after originally creating it to complement Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design projects (LEED) and the Green Building Rating System developed by the U.S. Green Building Council.

After extensive research, we realized that it was in the interest of our franchisees, customers, and the environment to introduce our green office cleaning services as our standard. Don’t replace grime with toxic chemicals; work with our eco-friendly company to ensure that your commercial building isn’t just clean, but is also safe.

Protecting Your Facility With Green Cleaning

Cleaning products are a major contributor to indoor quality issues in closed environments. Many commercial cleaning products contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which can give rise to respiratory irritations, headaches, and other symptoms in workers and other building occupants. These negative effects should be taken into particular consideration when children and those with already compromised immune systems are involved, like at daycares or dialysis centers.

Therefore, all of the materials, processes, and equipment we use during our commercial green cleaning services are selected for their environmental attributes. The idea behind cleaning your space is to create an environment that is healthier and happier to be in. With our eco-friendly cleaning services, we help you to accomplish this goal. Some of the other motivating factors behind helping our customers adopt green janitorial services are:

  • Employee Health & Safety
  • Government Regulations
  • Corporate Mandates
  • Waste/Cost Reduction
  • Increased Recycling/Compliance
  • Employee & Public Relations
  • Desire to Help the Environment

Certified Eco-Friendly Specialists

It is important for us to not only deliver high-quality work each and every time we clean your business, but also to be consistent in that quality. That is why all of our business owners and their employees go through an extensive two-week training program, both on and off site. They are also certified to assure their expertise in our green cleaning procedures, including:

  • Handling Chemicals for Minimal Impact
  • Reduce, Minimize, or Eliminate Chemicals & Solid Waste
  • Proper Treatment of Waste & Recycling
  • Disinfection

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