Three Stratus Franchisees are Cleaning an Office Building. One is vacuuming the Carpet and Another One is Washing the Windows and the Last One is Holding a Clipboard.

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services in Atlanta, GA

Refresh your carpet and extend its life with the help of Stratus Building Solutions. We provide commercial carpet cleaning services in Atlanta, GA, on your schedule. Contact us today to request a quote!

Carpet Cleaning From Dependable Professional Carpet Cleaners

Tracked in mud, constant dust, and sudden spills: your carpet takes a tremendous amount of abuse on a daily basis. All of this grit, food, and bacteria become deeply embedded in the carpet body. Even when you can’t see them, these soils attack the carpet pile and shorten its life. Fortunately, the commercial cleaning solutions from Stratus keep your carpet looking spotless. We offer a range of services to clean your carpet and keep it that way. 

Routine Carpet Maintenance

Prevent damage to your carpet and to keep carpets looking newer, longer, with this daily service that includes:

  • Soil and spot prevention: We protect your carpet from outdoor soils and stains with a regular sweeping program, properly placed walk-off mats, and soil- and stain-repellent treatments. 
  • Vacuum cleaning: We provide daily cleaning to carpets in heavy traffic lanes. 
  • Daily spot removal: We provide quick attention to any daily soils or other spots to prevent them from becoming a stain.

Interim Carpet Cleaning Services

The most important steps in carpet maintenance are daily vacuuming and spot treatment; however, your carpets periodically require deep cleaning to go beyond the surface. Rely on us to provide:

  • Bonnet cleaning: We use a rotary floor machine, yarn bonnet, and the right cleaner to loosen soil on the upper carpet fibers.
  • Carpet shampoo service: We utilize shampoo equipment to combine agitation with a high-foaming cleaner to loosen and suspend soils so they can be removed by dry vacuuming. 

Restorative Carpet Cleaning Services

Count on us for restorative carpet cleaning services for high-traffic or neglected areas of carpet in your facility. This includes areas where soils and residues left behind by other cleaning methods need to be removed by more aggressive cleaning. We help with our restorative carpet cleaning expertise that consists of: 

  • Extraction cleaning: Carpet extraction uses hot water to force non-foaming cleaners into the carpet and then immediately recovered with their soils by a powerful vacuum. 
  • Special treatments: Includes odor counteractants, protective treatments, and other specialized applications. 

Let our carpet cleaning experts provide your business with effective, eco-friendly commercial carpet cleaner services. We proudly use our own line of Green Seal-certified products for all of our services. Contact us today to learn more about our carpet and office cleaning programs.

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