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Customized Carpet Cleaning in San Diego, CA

Every day, your business’s carpets endure high levels of foot traffic. Depending on your industry, keeping your carpeting clean may be a higher priority -- whether for optics, health, or a combination of the two. That’s why it’s well worth your time to choose Stratus Building Solutions of San Diego, the leading provider of commercial carpet cleaning in San Diego, CA, and the surrounding areas.

Don’t let tracked-in dirt, dust, and other debris shorten the lives of your carpets. Instead, partner with our cleaners and discover the difference our approach can make in the way you take care of your commercial property. Over the years, we’ve had time to refine our cleaning techniques and become an industry leader in office cleaning. Today, we offer a variety of green cleaning services that aren’t simply a feature of our company, but standard protocol. That’s our commitment to you and the planet we all share.

Routine Carpet Maintenance Plans

You don’t have to struggle to keep up with your carpets’ care needs. There’s an easier way to ensure they remain clean and in good condition. Choose a regular maintenance contract and franchisees and their staff will be there every day to sweep, vacuum, and remove any stains that crop up. These exceptional floor cleaning services prevent damage and keep carpets looking newer, longer.

Soil & Spot Prevention: Our regular sweeping program helps guard your carpets against permanent damage from outdoor debris tracked in by employees and guests. This service also includes carefully placed walk-off mats and soil and stain repellent treatments.

Vacuum Cleaning: The best way to keep carpets dust and dirt-free (especially the ones in high traffic areas) is with daily vacuuming from Stratus Building Solutions of San Diego franchisees. We take time to go over every problem area in your building.

Daily Spot Removal: Prevent stains from becoming permanent eyesores with services from our diligent cleaning team -- it’s all part of our cleaning company’s basic maintenance plan. We use special products to get rid of stubborn spills and messes.

Interim Carpet Cleaning Services

Regularly scheduled commercial floor care is essential to keeping your floors clean on a day-to-day basis. But periodically, it’s a good idea to schedule a deep cleaning session.

Bonnet Cleaning: Ensure your carpets are clean to the tips of their fibers with this service. We use a rotary floor machine, yarn bonnet, and cleaner to loosen and remove deep-set soil.

Carpet Shampooing: A deep-down, high-foam shampooing using agitation equipment helps our cleaners loosen and suspend soils for easy dry vacuuming.

Restorative Professional Floor Cleaning Services

Don’t neglect your business’s most frequented areas. Restorative commercial carpet cleaning is available for the carpets on your property that need extra TLC.

Extraction Cleaning: Using hot water, we force non-foaming cleaners into the carpeting, then immediately remove them (and any soils) with a powerful vacuum.

Special Treatments: Ask about specialized applications for your carpets, including odor counteractants and protective treatments for better longevity.

Contact our team today to discuss your commercial carpet cleaning needs and get a free quote. We proudly serve clients in San Diego, California, and nearby areas.

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