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Medical Office Cleaning in San Antonio, TX

Protect your patients as well as your staff by ensuring your medical facility is completely germ-free. The experienced cleaning professionals at Stratus Building Solutions of San Antonio use specialized cleaning processes and products to ensure a spotless facility. In fact, we take our services to the highest level when it comes to medical cleaning in San Antonio, TX. Because a clean health care facility is critical, we follow all the regulations for cleaning healthcare facilities, so you can have peace of mind.

Advanced Disinfecting Systems

Just because it looks and smells clean, doesn’t mean it is clean. That’s why it’s important to use Stratus Building Solutions of San Antonio for reliable work. Our advanced Sani-Proof system is designed to remove germs, dirt, and buildup. Tests show that our system removes up to 60 times the contaminants that transmit infectious disease than traditional mop-and-brush cleaning methods.

Thorough Medical Office Cleaning Services

All surfaces in your clinic, office, or hospital pose a potential health risk to your patients and your staff. We disinfect high-touch areas to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases. This includes lobbies, public restrooms, treatment rooms, triage, and procedure rooms. Sanitization is absolutely critical. By having a clean environment, you prevent the spread of disease, as well as ensure your patients feel comfortable

With so many patients coming through your doors, you can’t afford to have a germ-infested area. Using a proven cleaning method, we ensure exceptional results. Our hospital-strength disinfectant kills germs and other microorganisms. In addition, our healthcare cleaning service has an excellent reputation for being thorough in their work. We cater to our clients’ uncompromising need for cleanliness.

Medical Cleaning the Right Way

Whenever you need us, we are happy to provide healthcare cleaning to suit your schedule: one time, biweekly, weekly, monthly. Our trained and skilled cleaning professionals clean everything from examination rooms to restrooms, breakrooms, and lobbies. Allow our professional cleaners to sanitize everything the right way. We know how to kill germs that could potentially spread to your patients, staff, and doctors. At the same time, we provide data to you on the levels of bio-pollution contamination in your facility. So, you will not just see and feel the cleanliness -- it will be measurably clean

Contact us to schedule an estimate when you need medical center cleaning. We proudly serve customers throughout San Antonio, TX, and the surrounding areas.

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