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Eco-Friendly Green Commercial Cleaning Services in Salem, OR 

With services from Stratus Building Solutions, you can sanitize your property without relying on harsh cleaners. We are proud to offer effective, eco-friendly green commercial cleaning services in Salem, OR, and the surrounding areas. Our professionals offer cleaning services with chemicals and methods that are:

  • Biodegradable
  • Fragrance free
  • Green Seal certified
  • Non-toxic
  • Free of known carcinogens
  • Free of VOCs

When you enlist us for office cleaning services, our distinctive Stratus Green Clean program is included with your contract at no additional cost. Since 2009, Stratus has offered this forward-thinking benefit to all of our valued clients. The program was originally created to complement the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) projects and the Green Building Rating System developed by the U.S. Green Building Council. After extensive research, we realized that it was in the interest of our customers and the environment to make our Status Green Clean program standard.

Green Cleaning for Better Health and Environment

Many commercial cleaning products contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which can give rise to respiratory irritations, headaches, and other symptoms in workers and visitors. These negative effects should be taken into particular consideration at locations where children or those with already compromised immune systems may be present, such as daycares and dialysis centers.

To improve air quality and health at your property, we choose all of our materials, equipment, and processes for their environmental attributes. In addition to the health benefits, switching to green cleaners provides other advantages as well, such as:

  • Waste and cost reduction
  • Increased recycling
  • Increased environmental protection
  • Improved employee and public relations
  • Compliance with government regulations
  • Compliance with corporate mandates

Certified Green Cleaners You can Count On

Stratus Chemicals

All our employees go through an extensive, two-week training program, both on and off site. Upon completion, they are certified to assure their expertise in Stratus Green Clean procedures, including:

  • Handling chemicals for minimal impact
  • Reducing, minimizing, or eliminating chemicals and solid waste
  • Proper treatment of waste and recycling
  • Disinfection
  • Standards of care for all types of commercial facilities

We are also backed by $2 million in general liability insurance coverage and a $50,000 janitorial bond, so you won’t ever have to question the quality of work that we provide. Rest assured that our goal is to give you absolute peace of mind that your work will be completed to the best of our ability.

When you request our commercial green cleaning services, we will ensure that you maintain an immaculate workspace that you can be proud of. No matter what the scope of your cleaning needs, you can always expect us to provide you with quality green cleaning services that will serve your business, employees, and patrons well. Call today to discuss green janitorial services for your business and to get an estimate.

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