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Keeping your company’s workspace clean is essential to maintaining a happy, productive workforce. However, full-time, in-house cleaning staff can be prohibitively expensive. That is where Stratus Building Solutions of Portland comes in, offering eco-friendly commercial cleaning to clients throughout the area. Our franchisees and their staff offer commercial cleaning services in Portland, OR, that business owners trust to maintain the health and cleanliness of their building, upholding the highest standards of quality and eco-friendliness. No one in the area is as devoted to keeping your building clean without the use of harmful, dangerous chemicals.

While using green products is important to us, nothing is as important as cleanliness. Our commercial cleaning services in Portland, OR, place thoroughness and attention to detail above all else, ensuring that no surface is left undusted and no floor un-swept. 

Our franchisees and their staff work tirelessly to keep every inch of your office as clean as possible for your employees and your customers. Without a properly maintained and clean environment, prospective customers simply won’t take you seriously.


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Commercial Cleaning Devoted to Green

Since our company’s founding in 2004, we have been thoroughly devoted to leading the charge in the use of eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning supplies. In the intervening years, we’ve seen the demand for such services grow exponentially. As the world becomes more conscious of the effects of harmful chemicals, both on the environment and on the body, the demand for eco-friendly commercial cleaning grows. Our team has been working with such methods since our inception, making us the skilled and experienced company for the job. With our franchisees on your side, you can rest easy knowing that only safe, green products will be used in your office. We are happy to bring green solutions to the following and more.


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Commercial Cleaning

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Our franchisees and staff is trained and experienced, undergoing an extensive training program on all the tools and products we use, including Stratus Green Clean chemicals. Everyone we employ shows up on time and ready to work, bringing all of the necessary tools with them to the job. This includes our non-toxic, biodegradable, fragrance-free, and non-VOC cleaning materials, as well as vacuum backpacks and microfiber cloths. Reach out to us today to find out more about our services and the materials we use to keep companies as clean as possible.

Contact us today for more information on the cleaning services we provide. We are proud to serve Portland, Oregon, and the surrounding area.


Get A Free Quote Today!  (503) 468-5274

Call us today and receive a free quote on customized janitorial services

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Get A Free Quote Today!  (503) 468-5274

Call us today and receive a free quote on customized janitorial services