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Eco-Friendly Commercial Cleaning in Indiana

A janitorial service contract with Stratus Building Solutions involves the Stratus Green Clean program. We created it to complement the U.S. Green Building Council’s rating system and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) projects. Research proves franchisees, customers, and the environment all benefit from eco-friendly commercial cleaning in Indianapolis, IN. As such, we’ve made this our standard since 2009.

Green Office Cleaning Services For Better Air Quality

Cleaning products contribute to problems with indoor air quality since many have volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that create respiratory irritations, headaches, and other symptoms. It is imperative that daycare centers and dialysis centers avoid the effects of these chemicals as they serve children and immunocompromised people.

All Stratus materials, processes, and equipment are chosen for their environmental attributes. Other motives for green commercial cleaning services are:

  • Employee health and safety
  • Government regulations
  • Corporate mandates
  • Waste/cost reduction
  • Increased recycling/compliance
  • Employee and public relations
  • Desire to help the environment

Certified Green Cleaning Specialists

All of our owners and employees undergo an extensive 2-week training program in commercial green cleaning services, on and off-site for certification in Stratus Green Clean procedures:

  • Handling chemicals for minimal impact
  • Minimize or eliminate chemicals and solid waste
  • Waste and recycling treatment
  • Disinfection
  • Commercial facility care standards



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