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Professional Hard Floor Cleaning Services in Columbia

At Stratus Building Solutions of Columbia, we offer comprehensive support for all your hard surfaces. From difficult grout and tile to high-gloss and slip-resistant stripping and waxing, our team provides the solutions you need to keep your business shining for customers and employees. With our professional hard floor cleaning services in Columbia, SC you gain continuous confidence in the look, safety, and value of your facilities.

As the part of your property most subject to tough wear and tear due to traffic, your floors need a special level of care to keep performing under day-to-day pressures. That’s where we come in. Our detailed knowledge of finishes like polymer and wax, as well as a wide range of materials used for commercial flooring, we can help you maintain an unmatched standard of excellence by visiting once a quarter or on a regular contract. When you choose us, you get the service you need, when you need it. 

The Experts in Commercial Floor Cleaning 

Most of the time, you aren’t actually walking on your floors. Instead, modern flooring uses a layer of finish to protect the wood, tile, or other material underneath. Regular cleaning enhances the appearance of this vital layer and ensures that it stays in good enough condition to prevent damage to the much more expensive flooring you’ve invested in.

Our team knows how to account for the different levels of traffic, water and other challenges that impact various parts of your building, providing the right level of care for each area. Using state of the art technology, our unique cleaning methods tackle even the most difficult problem floors. We minimize the use of high-pressure machinery in our commercial floor cleaning, as this as this can damage surfaces, strip paint or coatings and loosen grout. Instead, we utilize the industry's best equipment with unique wash, scrub, and dry technology that uses 90% less water and detergents than traditional cleaning methods.

Stripping, Wax and Finishing

Sometimes, even the most thorough scrub won’t do the job. A floor’s finish exists to absorb punishment--but it has limits. Luckily, reaching those limits doesn’t mean throwing out the whole floor. We have the equipment and know-how to provide hardwood floor stripping and refinishing for old and outdated coatings.

Using fast-acting, deep penetrating chemicals, we loosen and remove the previous finish and prepare the floor for an upgrade. Then, we apply a robust polymer-based finish that forms a shield against traffic and messes, making maintenance easier while giving you a reputation for polished attention to detail. Whether you need a quick clean or a complete refinish, let our experts lend a hand today.

Contact us to get superior service for your hard floors. We proudly serve Columbia, SC and surrounding areas.

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