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Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Atlanta, GA 

The carpeting in your home isn’t like the carpeting in your workspace. On the contrary, carpets in a business building are subject to wear tear on a much more frequent basis -- almost every day. The wear and tear that comes as a result of their extensive use can quickly manifest itself in the form of discolorations, flattening, and stubborn stains.

Fortunately, local business owners can count on the dedicated team at Stratus Building Solutions of Atlanta to keep the floors in their workspace thoroughly clean. We’re your go-to source for commercial carpet cleaning in Atlanta, GA and the surrounding areas, offering personalized solutions for dirty, worn-looking carpeting. Reach out to our specialists to learn more about our commercial cleaning services and see what we can do to keep your building clean and healthy from top to bottom.

Superior Floor Cleaning Services

Keep your carpets looking and feeling fresh every day with a personalized cleaning contract that’s tailor-made for your building. Our experts understand that no two businesses are alike. That’s why we make it our mission to provide every client with a vast selection of cleaning options. Combining our floor cleaning services with our maintenance services will prevent damage and will help them maintain a newer look for longer.

Daily Spot Removal: Our trained cleaning crew reacts quickly to spills, using powerful, green cleaning products that are tough on spills and stains but won’t harm your floors or your occupants.

Soil and Spot Prevention: To better protect your floors from soils and stains, we regularly sweep your property. We also place walk-off mats strategically and apply soil and stain repellant treatments where necessary.

Vacuum Cleaning: Part of any commercial carpet cleaning regimen, we vacuum our clients’ carpeting to keep their floors as clean as possible.

Bring Your Carpeting and Rugs Back to Life

Having dirty carpets that look heavily used in your place of business can convey a bad message that patrons are liable to notice. That’s why you should call on our specialists for deep carpet cleaning. We’re prepared to bring your underfoot surfaces back to life with carpet shampooing and extraction cleaning services. Call our specialists to discuss your commercial carpet cleaning needs and we’ll work closely with you to create a cleaning routine that keeps your business flooring looking its best so can stay focused on your business operation.

Contact our commercial cleaning specialists to ensure your workplace carpeting stays comprehensively clean. We proudly serve business owners in Atlanta, Georgia, and the surrounding areas.

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